Low-res NLP for your everyday life

by Duretti Hirpa (Slack)

NLP can be a scary piece of jargon. In reality, you can get a far distance with loops, functions, and if statements, and still manage to create a delightful chat interface. This talk will cover low-res ways to incorporate NLP so you can get more bang for your buck without needing full AI.

About the speaker

Duretti Hirpa is a senior engineer on the backend engineering team at Slack. Currently, she's working on the growth team, though she's also spent time on the Slack Platform team - making it easier and more intuitive to build applications on top of Slack. She's constantly thinking of ways to humanize engineering - there's strength in the soft skills, after all. She's arguably probably the most extroverted person she knows, and is intensely interested in other people. She produces a podcast called “snackoverflow”, about snacks, computers, and their surprising intersection. She has an undying love for Beyoncé (praise be), an immaculate gif game, and a real candy problem.