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We're opening a total of 16 speaker slots. Talks are 40 minutes long, including Q&A.

Full Stack Fest will have a single track featuring talks along the following topics:

  • Devops + infrastructure

    Unikernels, containers, service orchestration, monitoring — all about running code in production (as opposed to writing it).

  • Backend + distributed systems

    Distributed systems architecture, fault-tolerance, latest trends in software design, persistence, you name it.

  • Machine learning + NLP + AI

    Data crunching, learning algorithms, natural language interfaces, and more.

  • UX + browser technology + mobile

    Latest trends in UX patterns, clean / performant / testable user interfaces, reactive UIs, progressive enhancement... — anything that you can see, click or tap.

  • IoT + wearable technology + robotics

    Embedded devices, fog computing, the potential of wearable software and how it's helping people and businesses, today and tomorrow.

Our CFP selection process is blind. While voting a proposal, we can only see its title and abstract.

The kind of submissions we are looking for
  • Success / failure stories about applying an approach / technology to a business problem, lessons learned
  • Innovative ideas / technologies, applicable to current problems
  • Inspiring talks that reflect upon shared problems and will leave the audience with renewed motivation, new ideas, etc.
  • As a general guideline, our motto is "problems of today, ideas from the future"
The kind of submissions that will get discarded
  • Commercial talks about a product
  • Recruitment talks to highlight current employer and attract talent
  • Talks about a specific library / project explaining how it works / how to use it (lightning talks are probably a better place for these)
  • Talks that are not in English
  • Talks that don’t comply with our Code Of Conduct

  • We value original ideas applicable to real-world problems.
    Our audience expects to get inspiration, learn, and apply their learnings to their current problems.
  • Make sure that the talk abstract contains as much detail about the presentation as possible.
    That includes possible extras and uncommon setups (audio, network, etc).
  • Keep the audience in mind
    There will be professional developers as well as newcomers.
  • If your talk contains live coding, we’d prefer if you pre-recorded it.
    If you’d rather do it live, make sure you’ve practiced enough beforehand.
  • It’s okay to mention your employer, but if you push it too hard our audience will react against it.
    This applies even if your employer is sponsoring Full Stack Fest.
  • Make sure your talk is engaging.
    If it could be summarized in a blogpost about the topic, it's probably not worthy of a 40 minute talk.

We encourage you to check out Zach Holman’s guide to writing a good proposal
http://speaking.io/plan/writing-a-cfp/ (thanks @holman!).

  • free tickets

    Free ticket to the conference (all goodies included!).

  • paid accomodation

    3 nights at the NH Constanza 4 star hotel.

  • airport transfer

    Transfer from airport to hotel.

  • visibility

    You will appear in the conference leaflet and website.

  • dinner

    You'll take part in the speakers' dinner.

  • travel cost

    We'll cover up to 300€ within Europe, and up to 900€ outside Europe.

If your company can pay for your flight/accommodation it will be listed together with White Hat sponsors.
All talks are recorded and published online at Codegram’s YouTube channel.